Hi! I'm Ellen Rose. I'm a "Swiss Army knife designer" who does service design, digital UX, exhibition design, graphic & web design, and design for organizational culture . I also illustrate and make logos and paintings. I have a background in Fine Arts and retail installation design.

I'm currently a Senior Studio Designer at SYPartners, but I'm always open to hearing about [fabulous] freelance projects. I have an MFA in Products of Design from SVA in NYC, and I'm based in Brooklyn. Clients have included EY, CVS Cognizant, and MoMA.

I'm interested in design & equity, the science of creativity (so much so that I did my graduate thesis around this subject), behavioral economics, camping, techno music, and why does my cat eat all my houseplants—cacti included? Feel free to reach out to say hey. I want to hear all about your interests too.


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