Ellen Rose

Ellen Rose 2019

Ellen Rose

I’m a designer who does exhibition design, product design, graphic design, branding and strategy.


I’m currently working on my graduate thesis at the Products of Design MFA program at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, which is a future-thinking Industrial Design program.


Design is about balancing competing values and goals, which are in constant flux. But balance isn’t static and zen; it is dynamic, messy and contradictory. Balance is an ever-shifting, in-between state.


I too am constantly evolving in the pursuit of balance. I am intensely pragmatic but also a dreamer. My work is both conceptual and functional. And my point of view is both frank and whimsical. 


It’s difficult for individuals to have a broad impact—to change the world—but we must strive to do so nonetheless. And if we accomplish positive change only to a small degree, then still the effort was a success.


Problem solving is a creative endeavor. And one that should not be done alone. Working in a vacuum leads to bad work. 


Beauty and good taste are not trivial. Content is paramount, but it needs to be polished and alluring.


Designers (everyone, really) shouldn’t be critical unless we have another idea to offer. It’s easy to knock work over but harder and more heroic to build it up.


The key to being a good designer is skepticism balanced with optimism. 


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