Ellen Rose

Ellen Rose 2019

Community Food Advocates

Web Design, Branding & UX


July 2018: 3-week sprint

What I Did

Client interviews, graphic design, logo design, photography, UX


Guidance from

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The Challenge

The Outcome

An outdated website that was difficult to navigate and did not engage their community of volunteers, donors and food access advocates.

Desktop and mobile-friendly website with contemporary design language, an updated logo and more interactivity, all the while maintaining a clear call to action.


Community Food Advocates is a New York City-based nonprofit that fights to improve the health and well-being of low-income city residents by supporting publicly funded income and food support programs.


The website was built with direct input from the team at Community Food Advocates. We met with the CFA team and asked some establishing questions, like, 'what do you need your website to do?' and 'who do you want to reach?'  With their insights, my partner and I brainstormed and did some initial quick drafts. Three weeks of iterations, edits and fine-tuned proofreading later, the site went live, and it continues to serve their organization and their fundraising, community organizing and advocacy initiatives. 

Logo & Graphics

I created a new logo and visual identity for Community Food Advocates. Their updated logo is contemporary and approachable, while still maintaining the look and feel of their former logo, so that their community can recognize them.


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