Ellen Rose

Ellen Rose 2019

MoMA Design Store Experience

Retail & Exhibition Design, Print Design


March, April 2018

What I Did

Concept development, renderings, print design, installation


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The Challenge

The Outcome

Create window and interior display at MoMA's Design Store's two Manhattan locations that reflects the value of good design and celebrates the products created by SVA Product's of Design MFA students.

A clean and captivating display that individually highlights each product. Plus a video display that shows the student's design process and the object in context.

The products from the collaboration were featured in the Design Store's windows for the entire month of April, generating buzz and spiking sales of the items.


Like most creative endeavors, these window installations began with concept brainstorming at sketching.


Those sketches eventually become production proofs, which after rounds of refinement become the blueprints for the physical props that the team built and installed. 

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