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Outlet | Using Creativity to Build Community for Journalists

Outlet is an app that aims to build a sense of community amongst journalists by offering word games and drawing games that bring people together across the world in a casual and expressive environment.

Journalists play a crucial role in the stability of this country and its democracy. Truth telling is the mechanism by which we counter bias and manipulation of the public. Rather than exalt those who report the truth, there is now a public rhetoric, propagated by the President of the United States, that directly targets journalists as 'enemies of the state.'

In addition to this divisive and potentially dangerous attitude towards journalists, they are also confronted by the volatility of a quickly changing media business landscape. People's media consumption has not tapered, but it has shifted exponentially fast since news migrated online, and journalism outlets are faced with having to quickly figure out new business models and ways to reach their audiences.

With all this in mind, journalists are a community in need of an outlet. Outlet has the double meaning of both media/news outlet or platform as well as 'outlet' in the sense of a refuge or release.

Outlet's onboarding underlines the importance of security. The community is only as strong as it is safe.

Choose from several word games and drawing prompts, which are either partner games or group games. Journalists are also invited to chat with one another.