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Updated: Oct 24, 2018

The creative process, like the design thesis that I’m in the midst of, is not a linear journey. Rather it’s marathon comprised of a back-to-back of sprints that cycle, backtrack, and get lost. I know that there will be many low points along the way, and in full disclosure, I’ve reach one already.

My fascination in creative practices, rituals and environments has not waned, but my focus has indeed wandered. The range of titles that I’ve had in the past month indicate this convoluted journey:

You Are Not Creative

Using Absurdity & Subversity to Provoke People’s Creativity

Novelty & Boredom

Designing the Contexts for Maximum Creativity


Using Creativity to Avoid the Hole Humanity Has Dug for Itself


Designing for Analog Creativity in the Digitally-Addicted World

Creativity Is the New Intelligence

Teaching & Provoking Creativity in Our Volatile Work Ecologies

Double-Edged Sword

Globalization & Creativity

Think Like an Artist

Designing for Creativity and Curiosity in Today’s Volatiles Work Ecologies

Key points to consider while moving forward:

-Who is my audience; who are my partners?

-Where should creativity be applied where it does not already exist?

-How can I reframe my investigation so that it is an urgent, relevant question?

-Do I really believe that everyone is capable of being creative?

-I’m also grappling with some potent feedback: creativity as a concept--without context--is vapid. Also, the word creativity doesn’t mean anything any more because it has been stretched and applied to everything in every industry.

Designers favor action. There is no getting stuck. There is no looking back. And so I’ll continue prototyping, reading, talking to subject matter experts and seeking out organizations with whom I can volunteer for the next few weeks.