Ellen Rose

Ellen Rose 2019

The Datalogue

Graphic Design, Branding & Exhibition Design


Spring 2018

What I Did

Branding Team Lead

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The Challenge

The Outcome

Bring awareness to the prevalence of online data collection in an engaging, memorable way for participants of a

New York City product design event.

A series of four large-scale, full-body engaging interactions that transform the invisible practice of online data collection into a tangible and personalized experience.


Through a series of interactions, guests stepped away with a better understanding of the complexities and dangers of big data and targeted digital marketing.


The four interactions that comprise The Datalogue serve as metaphors for the way that data is gleaned invisibly on the internet. Each interaction prompts guests to answer seemingly innocuous questions, and those answers are noted on a printed card that each guest receives. 

After the guest completes the final interaction, it is revealed that each of their “arbitrary” responses translates into a surprisingly accurate assessment about their personality—such as level of extraversion or conscientiousness. The four categories and choice architecture for answers was drawn directly from 

this PNAS scientific paper.

Over nine hundred people experienced The Datalogue during its week at Wanted Design, Manhattan.


The Branding Team created the visual elements for The Datalogue'a physical exhibition, print collateral and digital presence. 

The card that guests received at The Datalogue delivered an added twist at the end of the exhibition: their personality profile was matched with a product that was on display at a different vendor booth at Wanted Design, in the same way that products are suggested to buyers online once companies have pinpointed their tastes and buying habits.


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